Sunday, October 25, 2015

Go, Mommy! Go! Row, Mommy, Row!

Last week, the kids and I joined the nearly half million fans on the banks of the Charles River for the 50th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta - the biggest two-day rowing event in the world. With 11,000 athletes competing, our focus was on one - their mom. 

On the docks at her boathouse, just shy of the 1-mile mark of the 3+ mile race, our oldest son climbed into a coaches launch and grabbed a giant blue megaphone and put it to work.

And when he flagged under the weight of it, his sister and friend propped it up (and took their turns shouting their heads off through it.)

Someone gave the rest of us cowbells to clang as our rowers passed.

You can see the high res video footage of her boat further down the course from the official race website at: (choose event 45 and bow 12). Though I rather prefer this smartphone video caught by her father - 1) because you can see them passing the first of many crews they caught and passed en route to a silver medal finish, and 2) because you can hear the zeal of their cheering section.

I love that my kids get to watch their mom go for it (and CRUSH IT!) like this - all the more meaningful this year, which was about grit, as usual, but also about resilience, patience, recovery, and climbing back on the horse after an August bike accident that kept her off the water up until only three weeks before this race.

It is the kind of grit and go-for-it I hope for my daughter and all my kids find ways to access, and one of the reasons we enthusiastically support their engagement in sports and physical activities. Thank you for considering a gift to help me raise $7,000 for Dream Big! to advance their mission of providing those opportunities to girls from low-income and homeless situations via the Donate Now button at right or my Dream Big! Boston Marathon team fundraising page at:

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Let her run

"If I don't finish this race, everyone is going to believe that women can't do it..."

-Kathrine Switzer, 1st woman to run Boston Marathon

If the only thing standing in the way of the world's next Kathrine Switzer discovering her power and passion for running was a $50 pair of running shoes, would you buy them for her?

Thank you for considering helping me run 26.2 for girls sports via the Donate Now button at right or my Dream Big! Boston Marathon team fundraising page at:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why I'm Running (and Raising) for the Dream Big! 2016 Boston Marathon Team

I love it when my 7 year old looks at me with love in her eyes. But I really love it when I see her look of determination, grit, joy, and power when she is running towards a finish line, or when another girl or boy (or two or three) stand between her and a soccer goal. I know I would never let anything stand in the way of her discovering and pursuing her passions as an athlete, and I am honored to be part of the Dream Big! Boston Marathon Team, running in April 2016 to help remove barriers for other girls to do the same.

Me and Maya nearing the finish of the 2014 Franklin Park Turkey Trot

Dream Big! works to provide girls from low-income and homeless situations with the equipment, uniforms, athletic footwear, program fees, training expenses, sports opportunities, and supplies they need to participate in sports and physical activities that contribute to their health, education and overall well-being.

Over the past four years Dream Big! has had a direct impact on more than 15,000 girls in need through equipment donations, program scholarships, sports clinics and the Dream Big! Leadership Conferences for middle and high school female athletes.

As you consider what the right level of support may be, here are some examples of how Dream Big! puts donations to work:

  • $50 buys an aspiring soccer play a new pair of cleats
  • $100 enrolls a young dancer or athlete in an 8-week dance or fitness class
  • $200 helps a girl discover freedom and fitness with new bike and helmet
  • $500 helps a promising young athlete take her game to the next level by paying for a week-long summer sports camp
  • $1,000 gives a group of girls the opportunity to challenge each other, work together, and strive as one  - paying for new uniforms, equipment, and training for an entire sports team.

Thank you for your support of Dream Big!

To visit my fundraising page and contribute to my $7,000 goal, visit:

To learn more, visit: