Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Great Expectations

My mistake, I think, was setting a fundraising goal based on my best guess at what I could do in terms of outreach, creative awareness building, and asking for support.

I should have set a goal based on my best guess at the generosity that would be unleashed from friends, family, and colleagues for the cause of empowering girls through sports.

I never imagined I'd be here this early, but thanks to the overwhelming generosity of nearly everyone I asked - and some who just found out and contributed even before I asked, I hit my fundraising goal over this past weekend - three months ahead of race day.

Somewhere out there is a young woman very much like you, your daughter, your niece. But times are tight for her family. A lost job, scaled back hours, and they've dropped decidedly into low-income status. They may even face homelessness for a time.

She'd love to be active, to play sports and engage in physical activities with her friends. And her family would love for her to. Lately, however, they could only say, "We're so sorry, honey. Maybe next year."

But now, they're saying, "Go for it!" as Dream Big! is turning the $7,000 I pledged and have raised thus far into 150 pairs of new running shoes; or 70x tuition for an 8-week dance or other class; or 35 brand new bikes and helmets; or 14 registrations in a week-long summer sports camp; or uniforms, equipment, and coaching for 7 whole sports teams.

That's a lot of good.

Now, let's do more.

The only time I ever beat a marathon running goal was my very first effort. Crossing the finish line in a respectable time, but with gas still left in the tanks, I realized I had set my goal too slow - and I have failed to reach my goals ever since. I take that as indication of sufficiently aggressive goals; and also of flawed execution.  Yet  with smarter training, some terrific coaching via the Marathon Coalition, and a smarter race day plan, my confidence is growing on the execution piece of beating my running goal.

In the meantime, let's bury my initial fundraising goal, and over-deliver for Dream Big! and girls sports.

A Dream Big!-outfitted softball team

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